(9350 Ft Above Sea Level)

Ecuador ( Americas )
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Quito is categorised as Heritage

Suburbs up the hills around Quito (Photo Courtesy: Diego Delso)
Basílica del Voto Nacional (Photo Courtesy: Maros)
Cemetery of San Diego (Photo Courtesy: Diego Delso)
Church of San Francisco (Photo Courtesy: Diego Delso)
Estadio Casa Blanca (Photo Courtesy: Paulce1527)
Inside the Basílica del Voto Nacional (Photo Courtesy: Alejandro Quintanar Helgueros)
Interior of the Church of San Francisco (Photo Courtesy: Diego Delso)
La Compania Church (Photo Courtesy: Diego Delso)
Middle of the World City (Photo Courtesy: Diego Delso)
Middle of the World City
Otavalo Market (Photo Courtesy: Sputnikcccp)
Plaza de la Independencia (Photo Courtesy: Ángel M. Felicísimo)

Reasons to Visit
  • Quito is a best preserved ancient city dated back to 980 AD.
  • Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and a UNESCO world heritage site renowned as world’s highest capital city (9350 ft asl).
  • Quito is viewed as ‘The middle of the world ‘as it is located on 0-degree latitude.
  • Quito is the commercial center of Ecuador and a heritage city hosting popular destinations such as Basílica del Voto Nacional, Plaza de la Independencia, La Compania Church, Church of San Francisco, Mirador del Panecillo, Middle of the World City, Lago San Pablo, Otavalo Market.
Access Information
  • Quito does not have any major Airport or Railway Station nearby. Therefore its possible it is a remote destination and is required to visit as a part of an itinerary.
  • Nearest destination to Quito is Banos de Agua Santa (187 kms)

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    Basílica del Voto Nacional is the largest neo-gothic basilica in the world renowned for it's grotesques depicting Ecuadorian animals. Though the construction started in 1887, the monument was never fully finished. Local has it that when the basilica is complete the world will come to an end.
    Roman Catholic Church
    Plaza de la Independencia is the principal and central public square of Quito. It is symbol of the executive power of Ecuador. Located in the heart of the 'first city of independence', Quito the public square is surrounded by four buildings that represent the elements of Quito culture.
    Historic Site
    La Compania Church in Quito is regarded the most beautiful church in Ecuador. The neo classical architecture is profusely decorated with gold leaf, glided plaster, altars, pulpits and wood carvings. The influences of local Latin American architecture is most notable in its décor.
    Roman Catholic Church
    Natural Wonders
    Mirador del Panecillo is a 3000-meter-tall mountain of volcanic origin offering breathtaking views of the city of Quito. 'Virgin de Quito' is the famous iconic sculpture made of 7000 aluminum pieces on top of Panecillo.
    Natural Wonders
    Otavalo Market, located in the indigenous town of Otavalo is famous for its sale of native textiles, tawa jewelry and other handicrafts. The place is most alive on Saturdays as it hosts the largest market compared to rest of the week. It also is an access point to many nearby tourist attractions like Peguche waterfall and Lagos de Mojanda.
    Church of San Francisco also known as 'El Escorial of the new world' is the largest architecture ensembled in Latin America. The baroque elements drench the nave, chapel and high altar in splendid exotic gold. The church houses 'Virgin of Quito' sculpture, a prominent symbol for the people of Quito.
    Roman Catholic Church
    Ciudad Mitad del Mundo famously known as Middle of the world city is a portion of land near Quito renowned for its definite placement on the Equator. The 30-meter-tall monument to the equator which highlights the exact location of the equator.
    Heritage Site
    Royal Heritage
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    Lago San Pablo is a tranquil little village surrounded by San Pablo lake, mountains and volcanoes near Imbabura province, Ecuador. Imbabura volcano offers trekking and trails for travelers round the year.
    Village Visit

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Getting There

Quito does not have any major Airport or Railway Station nearby.

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Quito is not connected with with any of the Major cities. It is possible that it is a remote destination and only visited as part of an itinerary.

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