Slovenia is a popular transit destination in a Central Europe circuit and probably one for the honeymooners and nature centric travellers. Slovenia is blessed with an astonishing natural and regional variation from snow-clad Julian Alps, to fertile plains, to glacial lakes to beautiful pine forests and beaches. Slovenia is poised to be one of the most popular destination for Indian Summer travellers in times to come.

Destinations Of Slovenia

Visa, Season and Access

Visa: Guests arriving directly to Slovenia need to have Pre-approved Schengen Visa. Guests crossing over to Slovenia from neiboring countires and holding valid Schengen Visa do not require an additional Slovenia Visa.

Season: Slovenia has a typical continental climate characterised by warm summers, and cold frosty winters. Slovenia is best visited during summer (June – August) when the weather is more reliable, all sights are open, and adventure activities can be undertaken. For skiing enthusiasts, winter (December – March) is the most favourable time to visit.

Major Airport(s): Ljubljana (Ljubljana Joe Punik Airport), Postojna (Postojna Airfield Airport)

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