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Nivalink has been planning honeymoon to destinations across India and overseas since year 2000. Nivalink would have planned over 5000+ honeymooners till date offering a wide ranging concepts and ideas suited for individual preferences. 

Nivalink has personally visited most of the hotels and offers honest account of what to expect at each of the destinations and hotels, therefore brings in an element of certainity which is most assuring for all honeymooners. Nivalink's services combined with verified hotels and service providers ensures a superior travel experience and a good beginning to the journey of marital life.

to with the approximate dates and base idea for the trip and our travel planners would get back with a detailed set of options and ideas followed up by a cost estimate.

Honeymoon Ideas

Different Honeymoon ideas can be broadly classified into categories such as Adventure Wildlife, Castaway, Premium / Luxury etc. Based on individual preferences, access and seasonality, customised honeymoons can be planned.


Basic difference between an adventure itinerary and a honeymoon is that a honeymoon requires comfortable accommodations and a relaxed itinerary coupled with some adventure.  Some of the destinations where one can build an adventure element alongwith comfortable accommodations are:


Destinations - North Goa / South Goa / Chorla Ghats

Activities / Adventure - Watersports, Boat rides, Bird watching tours, Jungle Safaris, Rafting, Short Trek to a Waterfall


Destinations - Dandeli / Coorg / Chikmagalur

Activities / Adventure - White Water Rafting, Walks, Jungle Safaris, Bird Watching, Trekking, Plantation walks


Destinations - Almora / Rishikesh / Corbett / Bhimtal

Activities / Adventure - Trekking, Village walks, Bird watching, Jeep Safaros, Bird watching, White Water Rafting, Camping

Himachal Pradesh

Destinations - Sojha / Tirthan Valley / Narkanda / Thanedar / Sangla Valley / Manali / Manikaran / Billing / Dharamsala / Mcleodgunj

Activities / Adventure - Trekking, Trout Fishing, Nature Walks, Overnight camping, Adventure Sports (Zorbing, Paragliding etc.)


Destinations- Pahalgam / Gulmarg

Activities / Adventure - Trekking, Walking, Snow Experience

Andaman Islands

Destinations - Havelock Island

Activities / Adventure - Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Under Sea Walk

to with the approximate dates and base idea for the trip and our travel planners would get back with a detailed set of options and ideas followed up by a cost estimate.

Rafting in Rishikesh - An adventure filled experience in Rishikesh for Honeymooners


Castaway destinations in context of an honeymoon in India revolves around remote Islands of Lakshadweep and Havelock (Andamans). Idea here is to get away from everything to a remote island and spend a few days in middle of pristine beaches and live an island lifestyle (which is high on simplicity and charm and low on luxury).

Beaches on mainland India are typically either too crowded or muddy or rocky or one having black or not suitable for swimming.  Idea of snorkeling / scuba diving in clear waters and spending a few hours admiring the underwater marine life and corals is somewhat of a dream for a mainlanders and Lakshadweep Islands / Havelock Island precisely allows to reverberate amidst surroundings that are as remote as it can be virtually untouched by modern lifestyle.

For more upmarket stays and style, Maldives and Seychelles Islands in Indian Ocean could be preferred. Experience these offer are unforgettable from a honeymooner's point of view but they also kind of cost a lot more.

to with the approximate dates and base idea for the trip and our travel planners would get back with a detailed set of options and ideas followed up by a cost estimate.

Havelock Island (March 2007) - A popular honeymoon destination

Wildlife and Nature Centric

India is full of wildlife sanctuaries, forest reserves, national parks and bird sanctuaries. A typical jungle lodge used to comprise simple stays and focus on wildlife. However that is now changing. Sectors like GirNagarholeBandipurPenchBandhavgarh, TadobaCorbettRanthambhoreKanha and Kaziranga offer stylish accommodations in a backdrop of a wildlife experience. 

Idea behind a wildlife and nature centric honeymoons is to provide honeymooners with a peaceful nature centric backdrop to relax, interact and explore. While a candle lit dinner in open on the edge of a wildlife reserve could be exciting for some, for others its just the solitude that these destinations provide.

Some of the Wildlife and Nature Centric Holiday Ideas and Short Break Ideas listed as under can be customised into a honeymoon Itinerary with suitable selections of accommodation and access points:  

to with the approximate dates and base idea for the trip and our travel planners would get back with a detailed set of options and ideas followed up by a cost estimate

Khem Vilas, Ranthambhore (Dec 2013) - The Ultimate Luxury Wildlife Retreat

Houseboat Cruises

Houseboat Cruises is one of the popular options opted for by a lot of honeymooners where the base idea is to take a exclusive houseboat cruise and enjoy the privacy in natural surroundings.  

Kerala backwaters is where houseboat cruises are popular and guest can take anywhere from 1 night cruise around Alleppey to a 1 week cruise around the entire South Alleppey - Kumarakom - Kollam backwaters. Typically 1 night is considered too short and so 2 or 3 nights is preferred by most guests on a honeymoon.  

Houseboats come in several varieties. Premium AC Houseboat is the most luxurious and Deluxe Houseboats are the most available which are mid-segment boats and Standard boats are smaller boats. Advantage that Standard Boats carry is that they are smaller and so they can go deeper in narrow canals and therefore guests are able to experience the backwater lifestyle from a closer proximity. Houseboats are never shared and therefore could be a very private experience. Houseboat Cruise in Kerala is a major hit with Indian as well as overseas guests on a honeymoon.

Houseboats in Kashmir are like permanent residences moored on the Dal lake / Nagin Lake in Srinagar and where guests cruise around in a much smaller boat called a "Shikara".  Dal Lake is more accessible and has maximum number of boats all stacked next to each other. For a stay where guests can interact with local lifestyle, vendors and feel the buzz, Dal lake is preferred. For more private and peaceful stay, where guest don't prefer to be disturbed at all, Nagin Lake is preferred. Kashmir for long has been the favorite destination for honeymooners. 

to with the approximate dates and base idea for the trip and our travel planners would get back with a detailed set of options and ideas followed up by a cost estimate.

Kerala Houseboat (June 2011)

Luxury Escapes

Luxury Escapes is one of the popular options opted for by a lot of honeymooners where the base idea surrounds around a stay in a luxury resort. 

Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh has some of the most luxurious resorts in India and are popular standalone honeymooning options. 

Check here for a comprehensive list of Luxury Hotels and Resorts within India.

to with the approximate dates and base idea for the trip and our travel planners would get back with a detailed set of options and ideas followed up by a cost estimate.

Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere (March 2014) - One of the popular premium backwater retreats in Kerala

Planning And Choosing A Honeymoon Itinerary

Guidelines for Planning and Choosing a Honeymoon Itinerary

Have an Idea
 - Its important to have a base idea / concept however sketchy to start with. A travel planner would be able to advise better once they understand what you are looking for. 

Decide on Must Dos and Cant Dos in Advance
 - Its important to ponder on mode of transport and destinations within the sector that are must dos. Its important for any travel planner to understand what you cannot do without and what you cannot do with. 

 - Its important to understand what are the costs that can be expected for the kind of hotels you want to stay. You may also indicate a budget based on which the travel planner can work backwards. We recommend that in a trip where budget is a constraint, you can mix and match with hotels. i.e. stay in lower budget options at a few destinations and higher category at others. This typically does the job. It is important that you don't totally compromise on the stay options beyond a point under this budget exercise (to avoid regretting later).

For itineraries where budget is not necessarily a constraint, most expensive hotels are not always the most suitable and therefore its better to consider options carefully before selecting the stays.

Some sectors are generally more expensive than others and so at an earlier stage it sometimes is not a bad idea either to cut the number of days or change a sector all together to maintain a level of hotel stays within a budget.

Plan in Advance
 - Its important to plan in advance to give choice and options and ensure that accommodation options preferred are available and booked. Every Sector has an indicative time before which one requires to start planning. However as a thumb rule, Festival Periods, Long weekends, holiday season needs at least 3-4 months of planning in advance. Sectors where a lot of overseas guest movements need more than 6 months of advance travel planning  for choice of hotels and resorts.

Do a prior research
 - Its easy to get caught and lured into destinations that you know very little about. Its possible with a little bit of independent research to get a perspective on various aspects such as min night of stay, what to expect etc. If its too much to do the research then email on the same and we will be pleased to email you the data based on our visit to the area. This helps in ensuring that you plan the right number of days and with the right expectations and perspective.

Involve the partner 
- Its always better to involve the other partner and consider choices together. Its better to come to a consensus before the trip rather than end up regretting later. 

- There is always a tomorrow. Don't mix a holiday itinerary mindset with a honeymoon mindset. Don't plan as if you are never going to visit the sector again.  Idea should be to enjoy few days together, understand each other better and experience something that one can remember for all times to come.

- Variety is spice of life and therefore secret to a well-planned itinerary is always the variety on offer. Indian States come with a lot of varieties such as Beach, hills, temples, forts, palaces, plantations, lakes, wildlife etc and its important to incorporate a bit of all that in the plan. 

Safe Planning
 - Ambitious plans, concepts often come a cropper. Its important to get the season right and be safe. Honeymoons done come again too often! However you still you can carry out ambitious plans but its important to understand the possible pitfalls at the planning stage.

Honeymoon Specials - Floral Decors, Masala (Spiced up) Milk, brightly decorated round Beds  etc are traditional Indian honeymoon Specials. Most Hotels (except traditionally honeymoon favorite sectors like Manali and Mahabaleshwar) have now moved on to offer Candle Light dinners besides other surprises. Please understand that these are additional kicks and should not be the criteria for deciding a hotel / resort for honeymoon. 

- There is no ideal duration for an itinerary. Some prefer a short break or a simple getaway and others like a regular holiday itinerary. However ideally 7-10 nights itinerary is what is most preferred by the Indian guests. A relaxed and longer itinerary is good for a better coverage of the sector but sometimes leaves homesick and tired. 

For overseas guests there is no such criteria and guests have been known to take long leisurely honeymoons and even short-break honeymoons.

Trust the Expert 
- It is important to identify a travel planner that you can turn to for any advise. However it is also important to understand the context of the advise and trust it. Too much of asking around with so called "expert" travellers (whose advise is often based on hearsay and their outdated one time travel experience) can lead to a confusion.  Web postings by individual travellers have to be looked at in a context and can be useful sometimes but can also be misguiding some other time (without understanding the context). Not every travel planner has been to the sector you are planning to visit. Ensure that you select someone who has been there recently and understands the issues upfront

Avoid Too many agencies - For a Holiday reservation its important to do reservations with one or two agencies for a better co-ordinated and hassle free planning experience. Some websites may offer "Best rates" but the do not offer guidance or any allied services or give timely responses.  Please check cancellation policies and policy on "Deficiency of service (In the event services promised were not provided or whatever provided was not satisfactory)" before making reservations with any such "Online" service. In case of any delay in travel or any last minute change in plan, it is important to have fewer agencies so that the changed plans can be communicated and synchronised better.

to with the approximate dates and base idea for the trip and our travel planners would get back with a detailed set of options and ideas followed up by a cost estimate.


Holidays for Honeymooner

For any further clarity on destination, seasonality, stay options, access etc., you may always connect with our expert on +91-22-61506363 OR email to