United States of America (USA) is a huge country with wide ranging destination experiences i.e. Waterfalls (Niagra), Museum (Washington DC), City Breaks (New York), Theme Parks (Orlando), Casino (Las Vegas), Vineyards (Napa Valley) etc.

Besides these USA (popularly known as "America") offers lakes, pristine countryside, Rocky mountains, Rail journies and many sought after tourist experiences. Vast nature of the country means that travellers typically visit East Coast and West Coast destinations over two separate visits.

America is also one that connects travellers to South America, Central America, Caribbean and travellers popularly combine America visit with either of these or even Canada.

Destinations Of United States Of America

Visa, Season and Access

Visa: Indian Nationals are required to have approved visas before entering the United States. The validity on the passports should be of minimum 6 months. Visas are typically granted for 10 years (multiple entry).

Season: United States has 4 seasons i.e. Spring (April, May, June), Summer (July, August, September), Autumn (October, November, December) and Winter (January, February, March). Spring and Summer is regarded as the best seasons to travel to all these destinations. Eastern Coast areas like New York, New Jersey etc. and areas bordering Canada such as Niagara enjoy very cold winters and therefore good for a visit in Summers, whereas Western and Gulf of Mexico areas such as Los Angeles, Florida etc enjoy p

Major Airport(s): Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport), New York (John F Kennedy International Airport), San Francisco (San Francisco International Airport)

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