Kenya is regarded by many as the 'Jewel of East Africa', and has some of the continent's finest beaches, most magnificent wildlife and scenery, and an incredibly sophisticated tourism infrastructure. It is a startlingly beautiful land, from the coral reefs and white sand beaches of the coast to the summit of Mount Kenya, crowned with clouds and bejeweled by strange giant alpine plants.

For Indian travellers, having been fed on National Geography documentaries, Kenya is synonymous with epitome of a wildlife destination and is on a wish list for most Indian International travellers.

Destinations Of Kenya

Visa, Season and Access

Visa: Visas can either be on arrival or pre-approved. Yellow Fever vaccination is a must to be taken 7-days before arrival date

Season: The dry seasons in Kenya are generally from mid-June to October, and from late-December to mid-March, and game-viewing is best at these times. Peak Season is migration period from Mid-July to Mid-Sept. Only a limited number of camps and lodges are open in the wettest months of November, April and May.

Major Airport(s): Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport)

Travel Ideas For Kenya

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