The Netherlands (or Holland) lies between Germany and Belgium in Western Europe. Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands is a popular city break in Western Europe and is popularly visited by Summer travellers in combination with other Western Europe destinations.

Amsterdam, teeming with nighlife is considered one of the most liberal cities in Western Europe. The Netherlands overall is synonymous for its windmills, clogs, canals, cheese market. However what makes The Netherlands famous are its Tulip Gardens (blooms in mid-April). 

Destinations Of Netherlands

Visa, Season and Access

Visa: International travellers required to pre-approve Visas for travelling to Netherlands. If Indian nationals are visiting Netherlands as part of Western Europe and already have Schengen visa then no additional visas required for Netharlands.

Season: The Netherlands' climate is quite similar to that of England, featuring temperate and changeable conditions all year round, with lots of rainfall. The Netherlands experiences cool summers, between June and August, and mild winters, between December and February. Snow can fall anytime between November and April, although the Netherlands only experiences about 25 snowy days a year on average.

Major Airport(s): Amsterdam (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)

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