Croatia is set on Mediterranean coast offering Adriatic Coast, stunning islands, historic little towns and some of the best national parks / countryside experiences in Europe, Croatia for many years has been Europe’s favourite getaway destination and became popular on the global tourist map only the past few years. Croatia for Indian travellers is an upcoming Summer destination opted for by well heeled travellers looking for a new sector experience.

Destinations Of Croatia

Visa, Season and Access

Visa: Citizens of India who plan to visit Croatia are required to have a Croatia visa. However all visitors that have valid Schengen Visa do not require an additional (Croatian) visa for Croatia.

Season: Croatia has two distinct climate patterns – with Mediterranean climate on the coast, characterised by warm summers and mild winters, and Continental climate in the interiors, characterised by hot summers and extremely cold winters. Spring and summer are the most popular seasons to visit Croatia, making it the most crowded period. Autumn too is a good time to visit because of lesser crowds. The Mediterranean coast is pleasant to visit during winters, however the interiors are extremely chilly.

Major Airport(s): Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik Airport), Split (Split Airport)

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