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Nivalink has customised over 10000+ itineraries since year 2000 and based on the experience have standardised 600+ getaways / short breaks / holiday itineraries / Special Interest trips all over India and select International destinations. Over and above this Nivalink offers customisation service for creating unique routes and itineraries from scratch based on specific requirements. All itineraries are assigned to specific customer profile for easy filtering. We are proud to have created and executed itineraries of upto 70 nights. For any customisation write to customise@nivalink.co.in and we would get back with a plan at the earliest.

Destinationwise Holidays

Getaway / Holidays Packages we Offer

  • Getaways

    We offer 230+ Escape (1 night) / Getaway (2 nights) / Extended Getaway (3 nights) itineraries / packages for 200+ destinations across India. We have customised over 20,000 such getaways over 12-13 years.
  • Short Break

    We offer 180+ popularly opted for Short Break (4 - 6 nights) itineraries / packages for 300+ destinations across India . We have customised over 10,000+ such short breaks over 12-13 years.
  • India Holiday

    We offer 100+ popularly visited Holiday (7 - 10 nights) itineraries / packages for 300+ destinations across India. We have customised over 10,000+ such itineraries over 12-13 years for wide ranging profiles.
  • Special Interest

    We offer special interest India Holiday options specific to Pilgrimage, Experiential Travellers, Wellness Travel, Wildlife Travellers and Bird Watchers
  • International Holiday

    We are able to customise holidays and offer cruises holidays for over 25 countries including South East Asia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Mauritius, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Turkey, Kenya / Tanzania / South Africa, Easter / Western Europe, Scandinavia, USA / Canada and CIS Countries. We typically customise International holidays for 500 persons a year for sophisticated and discerning traveller profile.
  • Inbound Travel

    We offer special services for an Inbound traveller. We have experience of catering to over 10000 inbound travelelrs over 10 years and undestand requirements, hotel preferences and routes opted for by a western traveller. We have team members that are specifically catering to Inbound segment of travellers (from over 60 countries including Western / Eastern Europe, Russia, USA / Canada, Middle East, South Africa, Australia -NZ, Japan and South East Asia)
  • Group Travel

    We offer special services for customising Group travel for Inbound groups and domestic family groups. We offer our planning, reservation and ground handling services to tour leaders in France, USA, Western Europe for conducting group tours across destinations in India (Specifically Ladakh, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Kerala / Tamilandu etc). We also offer same set of services for any premium Indian family . friends looking to fully customise their group travel to sectors across India.
  • Holiday Idea

    We can customise an itinerary around any event happening. We have offered customised extension packages for Destination Weddings, Large Conferences. We often have travellers sending their wish list of destinations and we customise complete end to end itinerary with all connectivities, transit travel and customisations built in (done upto 70 night itinerary). We also regularly collaborate with highly sophisticated travellers to help them build a completely customised holiday plan.

For any holiday customisation email us at customise@nivalink.co.in and we will reply with a plan at the earliest. If you wish to interact with our sector expert for insight on any destinations / hotels / Itineraries write to expert@nivalink.co.in and our sector expert will get back to you at the earliest.