Germany has emerged as a favorite destination for travellers looking beyond Italy, France and Switzerland. Germany is easy to access (Direct flights to Frankfurt), easy to Navigate (Rail), easy to go around and has variety to interest honeymooners, family travellers and soft adventure seekers.

Germany shares its borders with Austria and Switzerland and therefore its easy to make itineraries that combine these two alongwith Germany.

Destinations Of Germany

Visa, Season and Access

Visa: Indians require to pre-approve Visas for visiting Germany. If Indian nationals are visiting Germany as part of Western Europe and already have Schengen visa then no additional visas required for Germany.

Season: Most of Germany has a temperate seasonal climate. Winters are mild and summers tend to be warm, temperatures can exceed 30 °C. The east has a more continental climate; winters can be very cold and summers very warm. Central and southern Germany is transition regions which vary from moderately oceanic to continental.

Major Airport(s): Frankfurt (Frankfurt Airport), Munich (Munich Airport)

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