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Top Getaway Resorts around Ahmedabad

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getaway seeker @ Nivalink


Nivalink is considered no. 1 in getaway offering in India. Nivalink has developed a unique data model which allows travellers to scan through getaways via 6 different access  modes (i.e. Driving, Bus (day and overnight), Train (Day and Overnight) and Flight).

Drive times, distances are accurate and verified by our sector experts who have travelled more than 300,000 kms on road and verified different routes.

The getaways can be filtered based on type of destination (e.g. Beach, Plantation etc.), distance from hub city (12 metro cities and 60 major cities), Stay Category (e.g. Premium, Luxury) and Type (e.g. Getaway Resort, Jungle lodge).

The Getaway Algorithm intuitively eliminates results that are not practical for travelling giving only those results which guests could actually opt for.

Nivalink getaway option list is comprehensive covering all resorts, jungle lodges, homestays, bungalows, Camps etc., however it eliminates business hotels and non-getaway offering from the listing.

Getaway Resorts often are in great demand around festive season and long weekends and they do always have limited inventory. The availability is always a bottleneck. Its not always easy to figure out the best option in terms of experience, price and availability. So often guests review options first online and then make a call / email to speak to Nivalink travel planners to narrow down options and make an informed choice.

to for connecting with a Travel planner. 

Getaways Ex-Metro Cities

Metro Cities from where Getaways lists are available

to for recommendations, ideas and planning / reservation assistances.

Getaways Ex-Major Cities

Getaways ex-Major cities of North India

  • Agra (Uttar Pradesh) 
  • Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) 
  • Noida (Uttar Pradesh) 


Getaways ex-Major cities of Western and Central India

  • Kota (Rajasthan) 


Getaways ex-Major cities of East and North East India


Getaways ex-Major cities of South India


 email to for recommendations, ideas and planning / reservation assistances.

When To Make A Getaway Reservation

Getaways are in great demand over weekends and holiday periods. We recommend advance booking as under:

  • Long Weekends - 45-60 days in Advance
  • Regular Weekends - 15-20 Days in Advance for low season and 25-30 days in high season
  • Deewali / Christmas Periods - 90 Days in Advance

What about Last minute reservations
- Its almost always a bit of hit and miss. Very specific well priced hotels are almost always never available. Third / Fourth Choice options or high priced options are generally the last one remaining to get booked. However a lot of hotels have last minute cancellations. Some hotel rooms are pre-purchased for long weekends and unsold inventory get released a few days in advance. Therefore its never a bad idea to check for what is available. 

to for a recommendations, travel planning assistance and reservations

Holidays for Getaway Seeker

For any further clarity on destination, seasonality, stay options, access etc., you may always connect with our expert on +91-22-61506363 OR email to

Getaway Seeker