Czech Republic lies in the heart of Central Europe, home to the historical territories of Bohemia, Moravia, and Czech Silesia. Prague, the capital of Czech Republic is a popular destination for travellers of the world for its heritage and Spas. Czech Republic is typically visited by well heeled Indian travellers as part of a Central Europe Itinerary.

Destinations Of Czech Republic

Visa, Season and Access

Visa: Guests arriving directly to Czech Republic need to have Pre-approved Schengen Visa. Guests crossing over to Czech Republic from neiboring countires and holding valid Schengen Visa do not require an additional Czech Republic Visa.

Season: Blessed with typical continental climate, Czech Republic has short hot summers and chilly winters. The best time visit Czech Republic is summer (June-August) and spring (April-May) when the weather is warmer and days are longer. For those seeking a less crowded period to visit, autumn (September – October) is recommended. Winter is the least favourable period to visit because of harsh cold and snow.

Major Airport(s): Prague (Prague-Ruzyne Airport)

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