Hungary has been the centre of cultural crossroads between Western and Eastern Europe, being nestled between Serbia, Austria, Romania, Croatia and Ukraine. Hungary is steeped in history and culture and is a treasure trove of rich heritage, architecture, exotic food, a bustling art scene and music festivals. Hungary is a relatively new destination for Indian travellers and get visited as part of Central Europe itinerary.

Destinations Of Hungary

Visa, Season and Access

Visa: Guests arriving directly to Hungary need to have Pre-approved Schengen Visa. Guests crossing over to Hungary from neiboring countires and holding valid Schengen Visa do not require an additional Hungary Visa.

Season: Hungary is blessed with continental weather with four distinct seasons. The best time to explore Hungary is in the summer when the weather is sunny and daylight hours are longer. Summer is also an ideal time to explore spa resort areas like Lake Balaton and Lake Héviz. Spring and autumn is also good time to visit since the weather is good and there are fewer tourists. Winter is the least favourable period to visit Hungary because of cold weather and snow.

Major Airport(s): Budapest (Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport)

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