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Kyoto is categorised as Heritage / Pilgrimage

The garden of Tenryu-ji (Photo Courtesy: osakaosaka)
Bamboo Forest in Sagano (Photo Courtesy: Dariusz Jemielniak)
Inner walls and moat of the Nijō Castle (Photo Courtesy: David Turner)
Kasuga-taisha (Photo Courtesy: 663highland)
Kinkaku-ji Temple (Photo Courtesy: Jaycangel)
Main Gate into Todai-ji (Photo Courtesy: Bobak)
Ninomaru Palace in Nijo Castle
Shunko-den in Kyoto Imperial Palace (Photo Courtesy: Abasaa)
Sika Deer in Nara Park
Tea Garden By Nara Park
The Fishing Deck in Kinkaku-ji (Photo Courtesy: 663highland)
The pond of the Ninomaru Garden in Nijo Castle
Todai-ji Temple (Photo Courtesy: 663highland)
Togetsukyo Bridge (Photo Courtesy: MSades)
White Snake Pagoda of Kinkaku-ji (Photo Courtesy: Chi King)

Reasons to Visit
  • Kyoto is a city in central part of Honshu Island in Japan that once used to be the Imperial Capital of the country.
  • Kyoto is a historical city that dates back to the early Paleothic period as well has its Historic Monuments have been listed under UNESCO.
  • Kyoto is also a spiritual city given its 2000 religious places of both Buddhist and Shinto shrines.
  • Kyoto has celebrated more than 1000 festivals and hence is well renowned for its traditional festivals.
Access Information
  • Nearest Airport -Osaka (57 kms), Hiroshima (361 kms), Tokyo (460 kms)

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  • Wonders of Japan (7 Nights)

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  • Cherry Blossom in Japan

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  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Kyoto Imperial Palace is the Japanese Emperor's former ruling palace and also their official residence. The Palace is lined with a variety of pretty flowering trees and open fields perfect for picnics and strolls.
    Heritage Site
    Royal Heritage
    Gion Corner is a theatre showcasing Kyoto's seven performing arts by both apprentice Geisha and Geisha. The arts are – kyogen classical comedy, kyomai dance, gagaku music of the imperial court, koto harp, bunraku puppet theater, the tea ceremony, and flower arrangement.
    Cultural Show
    Tea ceremony is one of the traditional Japanese cultural practises that features tea making as an art. The preparation and drinking is associated with history, spirituality and appreciation of handmade tea vessels.
    Arts Crafts Culture
    Live Performances
    Nijo Castle is a flatland castle that consists concentric rings of Kuruwa fortifications, Ninomaru Palace, ruins of Honmaru Palace and support buildings and gardens in Kyoto. Nijo Castle is one of the 17th Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto and is also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
    Heritage Site
    UNESCO Heritage Site
    Kinkaku-ji Temple is a Zen Buddhist temple as well as one of the most popular buildings (top two floors are covered in gold leaf) in Kyoto. Kinkaku-ji is designated as a National Special landscape, National Special Historic Site, World Heritage Site and also as one of the 17th Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto.
    Heritage Site
    Buddhist Heritage
    Tenryu-ji is the head temple of Rinzai Zen Buddhism in Kyoto to honour Gautama Buddha and its first priest Muso Soseki. Tenryu-ji is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and designated as part of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto”.
    Heritage Site
    UNESCO Heritage Site
    Bamboo Forest features an extensive bamboo grove of endless bamboo stalks. Sagano Bamboo Forest has been listed as in “100 Soundscapes of Japan” by the Ministry of the Environment.
    Jojakuko-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple and was built during the 16th century on the side of a mountain. The Temple features a pagoda (with spectacular views of Kyoto) and is famous for its bright red and orange maple leaves during autumn.
    Heritage Site
    Buddhist Heritage
    Togetsukyo Bridge is a landmark wooden bridge across the river Katsura, in front of Arashiyama mountain. This bridge is famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.
    Lake or Riverside
    Nara Park is one of the oldest park at the foothills of Mount Wakakusa in Nara city. The Park is home to over 1200 Sika deer that freely roam here and has been designated as a 'Place of Scenic Beauty' by the MEXT. The Park also features the Nara National Museum and Todai-ji temple (a large wooden building of a 50 feet tall statue of Buddha).
    Todai-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple complex in Nara city, which houses the world's largest bronze statue of Buddha and also serves as the Japanese headquarters of Buddhism school. Todai-ji is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”.
    Heritage Site
    UNESCO Heritage Site
    Kasuga Grand Shine is a Shinto shrine in Nara city. The Shrine and the nearby Kasugayama Primeval Forest are both designated under UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is part of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”.
    Heritage Site
    UNESCO Heritage Site

Destinations within reach from Kyoto

  • Osaka ( 57 Km )

    Osaka is Japan’s second largest metropolitan area, historically known as a merchant city and rice more

  • Hiroshima ( 361 Km )

    Hiroshima is a city in the western part of Honshu Island in Japan. Hiroshima was the first city in more

  • Kamakura ( 434 Km )

    Kamakura is Japan’s small coastal city known for its numerous ancient Buddhist / Shinto shrines more

  • Tokyo ( 460 Km )

    Tokyo is Japan’s capital, official metropolitan city and also the seat of the Emperor of Japan and more

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Nearest Airport in Kyoto
  • Kansai International Airport ( KIX ) , Osaka-57 Kms
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