Jordan ( Middle East And Africa )
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Amman is categorised as Heritage

Citadel in Amman (Photo Courtesy: Hassan Bushnaq)
Roman Temple of Hercules (Photo Courtesy: Berthold Werner)
Shops in Madaba (Photo Courtesy: Jean Housen)
The Museum of Archaeology (Photo Courtesy: Jean Housen)
The Roman Theatre in Amman (Photo Courtesy: Bernard Gagnon)
Umayyad Palace (Photo Courtesy: Hassan Bushnaq)
Umm Qais (Photo Courtesy: Daniel Case)
Basilica of Saint George-Madaba (Photo Courtesy: Jerzy Strzelecki)
Dead Sea (Photo Courtesy: David Shankbone)
Jerash City (Photo Courtesy: Freedom's Falcon)
Kerak Town (Photo Courtesy: Berthold Werner)
Mount Nebo (Photo Courtesy: Berthold Werner)
Roman Ruins at Umm Qais (Photo Courtesy: David Bjorgen)

Reasons to Visit
  • Amman is the capital of Jordan
  • Amman is considered as of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world
  • Amman is famous for ancient Roman era Temple of Hercules and Theatre
  • Amman is vibrant and culturally diverse city
  • Amman is a good base destination to explore the Dead Sea, Jerash, Madaba etc.
Access Information
  • Nearest Airport -Amman
  • Amman is connected by Air with Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Cochin (Ernakulam), Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow

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  • Highlights of Jordan (4 Nights)

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  • Understanding Jordan - An Overview

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    The Museum of Archaeology is located at the Amman Citadel and showcases an interesting variety of artefacts collected from various archaeological sites in Jordan, dating from prehistoric times to the 15th century. The museum is home to the Ain Ghazal statues that are believed to be among the oldest statues built by humans.
    Archeological Museum
    The ancient citadel sits atop the Jebel al Qala'a hill, the highest hill in Amman. The citadel is one of the most important historic sites in the world; it has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic Age. Artefacts dating to the Bronze Period have been found on the slopes of the hill and archaeologists believe that the hill was probably a part of a fortress or an open commercial space for many centuries. Today, the huge Umayyad Palace and the Roman Temple of Hercules are the most important surviving monuments on the citadel. The Umayyad Palace dates back to the 8th century and is believed to be built by the Umayyad Arabs. The Umayyad palace is a large structure of royal and residential buildings, unfortunately it was destroyed by an earthquake couple of decades after its completion in the 8th century. Built between 162-166AD during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Temple of Hercules was a web of honeycomb-coloured columns and beams located on the middle terrace of the hill below the Umayyad Palace. The huge 33 feet columns of the Temple are visible from all parts of Amman.
    Historic Site
    The Roman Theatre is one of the most visited monuments at Amman. Travellers are often amazed by this impressive structure, the centrepiece of Roman Philadelphia. The theatre was built between 138-161 AD during the reign of Antonius Pius and is divided into three horizontal sections. The theatre's restoration work commenced in 1957 and it has a seating capacity of 6000 persons.
    Historic Site
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    Madaba is a small market town located to the south of Amman at around 40 kms. Madaba was a Byzantine centre for mosaic production, and is known as the 'City of Mosaics'. The Byzantine era mosaics are well preserved in the city's churches and museums. Most famous among the mosaics is the impressive 6th century mosaic 'Map of the Holy Land' that adorns the floor of the Church of St George, and the intricate mosaics at the Church of the Apostles. Madaba is also home to one of the largest Christian communities in Jordan. With a vibrant and bustling market filled quintessentially Arabic shops, Madaba is best explored on foot.
    At 10 kms to the north-west of Madaba, lie a group of rocky mountain peaks collectively called as Mount Nebo. Mount Nebo holds a special religious significance for Christians and Jews. According to the Bible, it was from here that Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land, that God had forbidden him to enter and this was the site of his demise. Perched high on the peak is the Moses Memorial Church, offering spectacular views of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Israel.
    View Point
    Valley Views
    Located 50 km to the north of Amman, Jerash is one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world and is home to ancient Roman monuments and ruins. For historians and heritage lovers, Jerash along with Petra is the highlight of a trip to Jordan. The large monuments and majestic structures of this lost city are still awe-inspiring. The focal point of attraction at Jerash is the Hippodrome that was built sometime between the 1st and 3rd century AD. The hippodrome hosts fabulous re-enactment shows of a Roman style chariot race twice a day that takes you back into the Roman times. Other attractions at Jerash include the Oval Plaza, the South Theatre, the Temple of Zeus, and the Temple of Artemis.
    Historic Site
    One of the main attractions of Jordan is the natural wonder of Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is easily accessible from Amman and makes an interesting day trip from Amman. The Dead Sea is located at 400 metres below sea level, the lowest point on Earth. The Dead Sea is famous for its high level of salt and mineral content that is caused by evaporating water of the rivers flowing into the Dead Sea. The high salt and mineral content level makes you float on the turquoise water of the Dead Sea and is believed to have curative and therapeutic powers. Enjoy floating on the Dead Sea, an experience like never before on this fascinating day trip.
    Lake or Riverside
    On the north-western border of Jordan lie the remote ruins of the Decapoliscity (Group of Ten Roman Cities in Jordan, Syria, and Israel) of Gadara along the edge of a tiny town called Umm Qais. Dramatically located on a high promontory, this historic town overlooks the four countries – Jordan, Syria, Israel, and the Palestinian territories. Archaeological evidence suggests that the city was probably inhabited since as early as the 7th century BC. Although very little remains of the abandoned city of Gadara, the West Theatre built in black basalt is a popular attraction. Other attractions include a colonnaded street, a mausoleum and a Byzantine church. Gadara also holds Biblical significance, as according to the New Testament, it was here that Jesus cast out demons and turned them into pigs.Gadara can be explored on a day trip from Amman.
    Historic Site
    Karak is a small town located to the south of Amman, famous for its dramatically situated Crusador Castle. The Crusader Castle lies within the fortified part of the city, and is a popular attraction. Legend has it that the castle was where the battle between the Crusaders and the Islamic armies of Saladin took place. A visit to the Crusader castles makes an interesting detour on the Amman-Petra route.
    Historic Site
    War Cemetaries

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Airport in Amman
  • Queen Alia International Airport ( AMM ) , Amman
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