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Star Cruises

Star Cruises is one of the most popular cruise liners in South East Asia, Indo-China and Asia Pacific sectors. Come onboard and enjoy a multitude of gourmet cuisine, world-class entertainment and great relaxing options that appeal to a whole range of holidaymakers be it families, honeymooners, senior citizens and even incentives and business groups.

Star cruises is very popular with families as Star Cruises runs special onboard programmes for Juniors (6-9 years), Pre-teens (10-13 years) and Teens (14-17) which makes a holiday even for kids a memorable one and frees up parents to have their own fun. 

Star Cruises has a young fleet and some exciting itineraries to choose from. There are always several ongoing offers and large variety of Cabins to choose from and the larger ships have decks with Balconies and a special guest category with special privileges. This makes Star Cruises attractive for the Budget-conscious guests as well as one that seeks exclusivity and service. 

Most important of all is that at the end of it, Star Cruises is trusted by a large number of travellers for a memorable Cruise experience with Star Cruises, the most popular cruise liner in Asia and one of the most popular with Indian Tourists.

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