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Budget traveller is one who does not emphasize too much on the stay experience and seeks well priced no frills clean accommodations. State Tourism Hotels are most popular with budget travellers. However all regions have hotels that offer convenient location and excellent value for budget travellers.

State Tourism Hotels listed with Nivalink

  • Andhra and Telangana Tourism

Budget Traveller Hotel chains that are tied up with Nivalink

  • Treebo Hotels
  • ZoRooms
  • Oyo Rooms
  • Ginger Hotels
  • Mango Hotels

Nivalink Team members are able to offer total solution for budget travellers looking for comfortable stays and well priced transport / access options.

to expert@nivalink.co.in for a perspective, recommendations, travel planning assistance and reservations

Services Offered For Budget Travellers

Services offered by Nivalink for Budget travellers include 

  • Verified Hotels - Nivalink lists hotels that are verified for its location, cleanliness and overall experience. Over 90% of the hotels listed have been personally visited and where guests have been sent. verified Hotels give more than 99% satisfaction (based on data over 10 years). This is most relevant for budget hotels where for every one good hotel there are many that are not as good.
  • Honest Pricing - Nivalink will often given a price that is lower than what it would be if a traveller was to contact directly. Nivalink never charge customer higher than rack rate.
  • State TourismTieups - There is no other agency other than Nivalink who are authorised to book so many state tourism hotels.
  • Large Destination base- Nivalink has verified budget hotels listed for 500+ destinations within India.  It is the largest collection of its kind.
  • Planning Advisory - Bus connectivity, Train connectivity, transit stays and entire travel planning machinery at Nivalink is at disposal of the traveller to figure out most convenient and least expensive mode of travel.
  • Online Recommendation Service - Hotels are grouped together based on purpose for which they are visited, making it easier to narrow down options and make an informed choice.  Click here to explore budget traveller offering @ Nivalink.
  • 24X 7 on travel Service  - 24 X 7 On travel assistance for traveller on the move. 

to expert@nivalink.co.in for a perspective, recommendations, travel planning assistance and reservations

Budget Traveller