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Vrindavan (Nivalink Trip Dated - 31 January 2010)

Vrindavan (alternatively spelled Vrindaban, Brindavan) also known as Vraj or Vrajbhoomi is located 12 kms from Mathura and where according to the Mahabharata, a grand Epic of Sanskrit literature dating back to the 3000BC, the deity Krishna spent his childhood days.There are number of temples (hundreds) here that celebrate Lord Krishna in his childhood form (Madan Mohan temple is the oldest here. Banke Bihari temple is the most popular and visited). Vrindavan is also known as the City of Widows due to the large number of widows who move into the town and surrounding area after losing their husbands. There are number of homes for the aged and community centres where pilgrims spend a month to a year.



Temple or Holy Place (Lord Krishna)

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