Vallée de Mai

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Vallée de Mai

Vallée de Mai is lush green valley located in the heart of Praslin National Park and is considered as one of Seychelles' most famous attractions. This UNESCO World Heritage listed National Park and valley is renowned for preserving a prehistoric forest containing over 4000 species of the giant coco de mer. Coco de mer is a sea coconut endemic to Seychelles, and is the bearer of the largest nut in the world. The nut holds religious significance and several legends have evolved over time around this tree. The British General Gordon even believed that the Vallée de Mai was the original Garden of Eden and coco de mer was the tree of knowledge. The park is also home to many species of lizards and rare birds. Vallée de mai is a must visit for nature and wildlife lovers and bird watchers.



Heritage Site (UNESCO Heritage Site)

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