Knossos Palace

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Knossos Palace (Photo Courtesy: Bernard Gagnon)

Also known as Labyrinth, Knossos Palace, is the largest Bronze Age Archaeological site on Crete and probably the ceremonial and political centre of the Minoan civilisation and culture. The site is well laid-out with workrooms, living spaces and storerooms and a central square that store images of life and culture during 16th century BC. The palace and city is believed to have supported a population of a 100,000 people possibly between the 19th and 16th centuries B.C. The site was once destroyed by fire but has since been reconstructed. The palace is open all year round and the entry fee is 6 euros per adult, children under 18 free. Opens at 9.30am till 6pm.



Arts Crafts Culture (Cultural Centre)

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