Jasov Monastery and Caves

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Jasov's Cave Entrance (Photo Courtesy: Szeder László)
Jasov Pond (Photo Courtesy: Szeder László)
Jasov Monastery (Photo Courtesy: Lure)

Located at 30 minutes from Kosice in Jasov, the Jasov Monastery and caves are an architectural and natural wonder. The monastery and the Church of John the Baptist are built in the Late Baroque style and is considered as one of the most important Baroque buildings in Slovakia. The monastery has 365 windows representing the number of days in the year, 12 chimneys representing the twelve months of the year and 4 doors representing the four seasons. The Jasov caves are UNESCO World Heritage listed stalactite caves located in Jasov. Archaeological discoveries from the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Hallstatt period have been made in the caves.



Heritage Site (UNESCO Heritage Site)

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