Gadara (Umm Qais)

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Roman Ruins at Umm Qais (Photo Courtesy: David Bjorgen)
Umm Qais (Photo Courtesy: Daniel Case)

On the north-western border of Jordan lie the remote ruins of the Decapoliscity (Group of Ten Roman Cities in Jordan, Syria, and Israel) of Gadara along the edge of a tiny town called Umm Qais. Dramatically located on a high promontory, this historic town overlooks the four countries – Jordan, Syria, Israel, and the Palestinian territories. Archaeological evidence suggests that the city was probably inhabited since as early as the 7th century BC. Although very little remains of the abandoned city of Gadara, the West Theatre built in black basalt is a popular attraction. Other attractions include a colonnaded street, a mausoleum and a Byzantine church. Gadara also holds Biblical significance, as according to the New Testament, it was here that Jesus cast out demons and turned them into pigs.Gadara can be explored on a day trip from Amman.



Historic Site (Memorial)

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