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Datta Mandir


Datta Mandir is a locally renowned temple at 18 kms from Alibaug near Chaul area off Alibaug - Revdanda road. One has to climb around 700 stairs to reach this shrine. Hingulja Mandir is another renowned temple near datta mandir.


Temple or Holy Place ( Lord Dattatreya )

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    Sanidhya is a simple homestay near Kihim Beach at Alibaug with palm trees around and offers
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    Kihim Comforts Villa is a simple 2-bedroom bungalow located on Chondi-Kihim Road.
  • Alibaug, MaharashtraFrom Rs.6594/nt
    Mango Beach House is a premium beachside bungalow / small resort at Kihim with 8 Rooms and 2

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