Bangur Museum


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Sri Bangur Government Museum, Pali is a heritage museum with Nature of Collection Highlighting Sculpture, Epigraphic, Speciman of minerals, Coins of historical interest, Miniature Painting, Arms and Armour, Wooden handicraft and Tribal Life. Pre-Historic Section showcases No.2 exhibiting stone tools belonging to the Palaeolithic period. Blade, Flake, Hand axe and Scrapper type tools are in display. Archaeological Section is where The stone and metal images of Brahamanical and Jain deities collected from around the area. The sculptures range in date from the 6th century A.D. down to 17th-18th century A.D. Inscription and Archaeological pieces are also in collection.



Museum (Archeological Museum, Heritage Museum)

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  • One of the ancient towns in Rajasthan, Pali is famous for its temples, forts and more

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