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3 Monkey Point


3 Monkey Point is named because of the natural sculpture of the stones looking like three monkeys sitting next to each other


View Point ( Valley Views )

Nearby Hotels

  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.14000/nt
    West Lodge is a hillside heritage bungalow in Mahabaleshwar offering simple rooms around green
  • Hotel Dreamland (1.09 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
    Dreamland is a popular veg only hotel in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) right near market
  • Grand Resort (1.10 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.3584/nt
    Grand Resort is a mid-segment resort at Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra, India) at 1 km from the Market
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.4079/nt
    Fountain Village is a luxury bungalow and belongs to the oldest and most renowned hotel, Hotel
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.1353/nt
    MTDC Holiday is a hillside getaway resort at 1 km from town centre at Mahabaleshwar
  • Hotel Rajesh (1.26 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.3809/nt
    Hotel Rajesh is a veg only hotel in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) recommended for family
  • Saket Plaza (1.31 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.5699/nt
    Hotel Saket Plaza is a mid-segment veg only hotel in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) on panchgani
  • Ishwar Inn (1.40 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.3822/nt
    Ishwar Inn is a simple veg only hotel in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) recommended for
  • Hotel Lake View (1.58 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.4400/nt
    Hotel Lakeview is a veg only hotel in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) recommended for
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.5250/nt
    Valley View Resort is a mid-segment hotel located in the heart of Mahabaleshwar overlooking the
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.7211/nt
    Citrus is a premium hill resort in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) situated near market
  • Fountain Hotel (1.98 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.4971/nt
    Fountain Hotel at Mahabaleshwar is one of the oldest and most renowned hotels in Mahabaleshwar for
  • Regenta MPG Club (2.11 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.9865/nt
    Royal Orchid Regenta MPG Club is a premium hill resort in Mahableshwar spread over 2 acres of area
  • Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
    Suyash Dham Bungalow is a mid-segment bungalow in Mahabaleshwar near town centre. It`s also an
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.7161/nt
    Evershine A Keys Resort (earlier known as Evershine Resort) is a Premium hill resort located at
  • Hotel Anarkali (2.28 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
    Hotel Anarkali is a heritage style Hotel at Mahabaleshwar off the Satara Road, a short walk away
  • Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
    Glenogle is a 19th century Scottish Bungalow fully restored into a charming 4 bedroom heritage
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.3430/nt
    Mother Farm House is a Bungalow located on Mahabaleshwar - Poladpur Road at 13 kms from
  • Gautam Hotel (2.61 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.6250/nt
    Hotel Gautam is a veg only hotel in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) recommended for
  • Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
    Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa is a luxury resort in Mahabaleshwar offering a top of the
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.15196/nt
    Misty Meadows Villa is a premium bungalow on the outskirts of Mahabaleshwar surrounded by dense
  • Ramsukh Resorts (4.17 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.6628/nt
    Ramsukh is a veg only premier getaway resort in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra), situated near
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.2660/nt
    Honeywood Holiday Homes in Mahabaleshwar, is located on Duchess Road and is 2 kms from the well
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.28492/nt
    Cloud Green Bungalow is a 7 bedroom bungalow at a few kms from Mahabaleshwar town centre,
  • Saj Resort (4.76 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
    Saj Resort is a mid-segment hotel in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) on panchgani road, recommended
  • Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
    Shree Enclave Bungalow is a simple 8-bedroom hillside bungalow located near Lingmala Waterfall on
  • Sai Villa (4.82 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.13920/nt
    Sai Villa is a mid-segment 5BHK hillside bungalow located on Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar
  • Shubh Villa (4.85 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.11136/nt
    Shubh Villa is a mid-segment 3BHK hillside bungalow located at Metgutad Village on
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.6759/nt
    Bella Vista Resort is a mid-segment hotel located on Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani Road at
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.4044/nt
    United-21 Resort at Mahabaleshwar is a mid-segment getaway resort on Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar
  • 5 Oaks Bungalow (4.97 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.11136/nt
    5 Oaks bungalow is a seven room bungalow on Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani Road offering sitting area,
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.5100/nt
    Hotel Grand Legacy is a premium stay option in Mahabaleshwar, spread over 2 acres at 6 kms on the
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.2228/nt
    The Tree Top Bungalows are a set of bungalows situated off Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani road at
  • Sky Inn Bungalow (5.19 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.33408/nt
    Sky Inn is a mid-segment 6BHK hillside bungalow located at Metgutad Village on the
  • Ojas Villa (5.40 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.8352/nt
    Ojas Villa is a simple 5-bedroom hillside bungalow located near Lingmala Waterfall on
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.9077/nt
    Brightlands is a premier getaway resort in Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) off Mahabaleshwar -
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.8718/nt
    Rutubandh Bungalow is a hillside bungalow in Mahabaleshwar having 8 bedrooms + 2 Halls serving
  • Mahabaleshwar, MaharashtraFrom Rs.27840/nt
    Shanti Kunj Bungalow is a mid-segment 4BHK hillside bungalow offering stunning valley views,

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  • At 4000+ ft asl above sea level, Mahabaleshwar is the larqest of Maharashtra hill-stations. more

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