Vijay Vilas Vijaynagar – An off-beat heritage getaway

Heritage Hotel | Offbeat Hideaway

Vijay Villas Vijaynagar is situated at the foothills of the Aravali Range surrounded with the dense forest, on the border of Gujarat & Rajasthan offering 8 rooms. Vijay Villas Vijaynagar holds an historical importance with the number of ancient Jain temples & Shiva temples around it. The area is rich in tribal heritage and excellent for bird watching.

Activities here comprise

* Trekking to the tribal dwelling,
* Visit to the ancient Jain temples & Shiva temples,
* Adventurous trekking in the forest,
* Visit to the Polo ruins,
* Night drive in the forests around
* Nature Walks around the area
* Bird watching

Vijay Vilas Vijaynagar is an ex-Ahmedabad getaway. Its also an off-beat heritage getaway where guests arrive to a simple stay experience to explore rich tribal heritage and natural beauty around the area.

Recommended Stay Duration – 1 or 2 nights


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