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(Nivalink Trip Dated - 6 July 2007)

Parwanoo is situated on Kalka – Shimla highway at about 45 kms from Chandigarh. Parwanoo got its fame after “Timber Trail Resort” here offered a cable car ride, one of the first then in India. Timber Trail Resort therefore became a popular stopover for guests on the Delhi – Manali route.

There are two resorts named “Timber Trail” owned by the same management on opposite side of the mountains connected by a cable car. Resort on the other side of the cable car is “Timber Trail heights’ and is the more popular of the two offering better views. Cable Car in itself still is a bit of an experience offering aerial views of the Shivalik ranges.

Timber Trail Heights is a popular getaway resort where guests can stay upto 2 nights and get rejuvenated.

Timber Trail is also a popular destination for corporate meets, conferences and leisure getaways.

Stay Duration: 2 nights for an ex-Delhi getaway. Local getaway seekers from Chandigarh may just spend a night



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