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Bandhavgarh is one fo the best park when it comes to probability of tiger sighting. Bandhavgarh is accessible from Jabalpur (200 kms) / Umaria (32 kms) and Katni (100 kms) stations / Kanha (260 kms).

Tiger Den is essentially a jungle lodge focusing on wildlife and bird watching experience. Tiger Den provides comfortable accommodation, meals, services, hospitality and an excellent experience for all premium travellers.

Tiger Den offers large rooms, spreadout character, central location for park access and superb hospitality for all travellers. Tiger Den offers modern amenities such as TV, Air conditioning, Swimming Pool, Spa and recreation facilities, making it an excellent for group getaways and offsites. 

Tiger Den is recommended not only for Wildlife and Bird watching centric guests but also anyone looking for comfortable accommodation and services that provide an excellent base point to explore the park.

Recommended Stay Duration: 2-3 nights


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