The Banjaar Tola Experience

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Taj Safaris, collaboration between CC Africa and Taj Hotels brings in a set of experiences that are completely different and unique from what is offered in India. Taj Safaris is a experience in style and exclusivity. Banjar Tola at Mukki is one of the Taj Safaris experiences at Kanha.

Kanha represents one of the best park experiences in India. Kanha is accessed from Bandhavgarh (260 kms) / Jabalpur (165 kms) /. Raipur (250 kms) / Nagpur (250 kms).

The Wildlife experience is highlight of the trip but besides the wildlife experience he Banjar Tola experience makes the stay even more so special. Tented guest suites at Banjaar Tola are set along the banks of the Banjaar River. Designed with a light footprint to protect the surrounding riverine environment, the 18 tented suites are set on raised platforms supported at only seven points on the ground.

Wide glass doors open onto private decks overlooking the river, offering panoramic views of the wilderness beyond. Pressed bamboo floors and wall panels combine with fabrics in delicate tones of bleached saffron, forest green and earthy cinnamon to create a light and airy atmosphere. Bastar metal work, hand-printed cloth and intricate stone carvings scattered throughout the camp represent the work of scores of talented artisans. The meals at Banjar Tola are always are nothing short of a feast.

All in all Banjar Tola differentiates from every other lodge a high end traveller would have been to and provides a memorable experience.

Typical Stay - 2 nights


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