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Views around Tethys (Nivalink Trip Dated - 10 June 2009)
Tethys Exteriors (Nivalink Trip Dated - 10 June 2009)

Thanedar is an Orchard retreat at 7000+ft asl at 80 kms from Shimla (18 kms Off Hindustan Tibet Road (NH 22)). Area offers excellent walking routes through villages, orchards and forests offering excellent views. It’s a family getaway for guests looking for nature centric stay away from touristy Shimla.
Tethys Resort here offers comfortable accommodation overlooking hills and forests. Tethys focuses specifically on adventure activities such as:
Nature Walks - Village Walks, Walking tours
Camping - Overnight camping
Mountain Biking - Hatu Peak Trail, Village and Orchard Trail
Horse Riding - Joy Rides, to Hatu Peak
White Water Rafting - At Sutlej basin below Narkanda
Tethys is popular with corporates for their outbound training and adventure programmes.
Typical Stay Duration: 2, 3 nights.  


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  • A Walk all the way down to the valley (4 kms) to a Church built in 1843. This church at Kotgarh is more


    Thanedar ( 1 Kms ), Narkanda ( 17 Kms )
  • Hatu Peak (11000 ft asl) is the highest peak in the area and walking downhill from Hatu peak is more


    Thanedar ( 5 Kms ), Narkanda ( 15 Kms )
  • Hatu Peak (11000 ft asl) is the highest peak in the area. Trekking all the way upto the peak can more


    Thanedar ( 5 Kms ), Narkanda ( 15 Kms )
  • Mahamaya Temple

    Temple or Holy Place
    Kacheri (5500 ft asl) at 7 km from Narkanda on NH - 22 and famous for ancient Mahamaya more


    Narkanda ( 7 Kms )