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Thanerhulla Bungalow (Nivalink Trip Dated - 2 March 2010)
Woshully Bungalow (Nivalink Trip Dated - 2 March 2010)
Cottebeta Bungalow (Nivalink Trip Dated - 2 March 2010)
Around Cottebeta Bungalow (Nivalink Trip Dated - 2 March 2010)

Coorg is a region in Karnataka known for its Coffee plantations and Salubrious climate all round the year. Tata Coffee dominates the landscape of Coorg with many a plantations set all over Coorg region. Tata Coffee Plantation bungalow experience is one of the best ways to experience Coorg region. Tata Coffee has 6 plantation bungalows set all over the area which guests can hire and experience a plantation bungalow stay as well as experiences that the region offers.

Tata Coffee Plantation bungalow are set with colonial furniture and ambience and popular with guests looking for bit of an experience in heritage bungalows, plantation backdrop, walking, trekking, fishing and ethnic cuisine.

The complimentary Bean to Cup plantation tour is a favourite with guests – hop into an open jeep and drive through the tranquil greens. Expert guide takes through the Arabica and Robusta Coffee plantations alongwith vanilla, cardamom or pepper. There are birds to spot along the way and there is a possibility of a Elephant sighting as well.

Guests have option of teeing off on Tata Coffee golf course and guests can also visit the sports center for a game of badminton or table tennis. There is a bonfire to be enjoyed at the colonial villa with a barbecue dinner. There is reading room, board games and more.

Tata Coffee Bungalows can be excellent golfing getaway, plantation getaway, experiential getaway or just a do nothing getaway. Here the focus is not on modern luxuries but on experiencing a planter’s lifestyle and enjoying a nature centric getaway.

Recommended Stay Duration – 3 – 4 days


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