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Shenbaga Vilasam is a 100+ year old heritage home near Polachi (40 kms from Coimbatore enroute to topslip) and an experience for any inbound traveler looking for an authentic India experience.

The Experiences listed here are:

# Sandhai stroll – Visit to authentic rural India marketplace.
# Village walk or cart ride through the narrow lanes of the village.
# Experience the Crafts - One can see weaving of saree’s, making of baskets, stone sculpture, terracotta and pottery, palm leaf crafts, garland making and many other crafts.
# The Agri - Culture - Coconut plantations, paddy fields, vanilla farms, tea or coffee gardens, beetle leaf plantations and a host of other crops and cultivation's depending on the time of the year.
# Spiritual Journey - Visit to the 700 year old ancient shrine of Lord Choleshwara and Goddess Shenbagavalli in the village. Special rituals or pooja’s can be arranged with special requests. Visit a hill temple, requiring a bit of a steep walk can also be arranged.
# Yoga sessions can be arranged in a spiritual retreat near by.
# Wild Escapes - Half or a full day visit to a near by wild life reserve which is excellent for bird watching and sighting endangered species of lion tailed macaque and the Nilgiri thar, both of which are globally endangered species.
# Natural Getaways – Picnic hampers to a waterfall or a panoramic dam site.
# Shopping - Natural medicine/spice store, the fabric retailer, potters street, jeweler etc
# Half a day tour into Kerala to the Palakkad fort (1766) of Tippu Sultan and then to the rice farm, which cultivates the 2500 year old Navara rice.

Other experiences
1.Astrology - with an experienced astrologer
2.Interaction with an historian to get to know about the land and its greatness.
3.Classical / folk music and dances
4.Ayurvedic treatment
5.Visit a farm for a traditional meal.
6.Culinery session learning south Indian cuisine

Shenbaga Vilasam is a kind of place for any inbound traveler to arrive to and spend anywhere from a few days to a week and enjoy authentic rural India.

Recommended stay Duration – 3 nights to a week. Season – October To March


  • Shenbaga Vilasam is recommended as Inbound Centric Heritage style Hotels in Tamil Nadu

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