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The Reni Pani Jungle lodge here is one of the few lodges here focused on catering to premium wildlife traveler and located at 15 minute drive from the Madhai range entrance. The Lodge is spread over 30 acres of striking forest cover typical of the Satpuras and offers experience of living right inside the forest. The camp-site features exactly what a nature lover would want, trees, a sprawling meadow, a seasonal rivulet, uneven yet beautiful topography and water holes that attract several species of birds.

The camp features 12 luxury cottages encompassing 3 distinct structural designs, a cosy central meeting place called the Gol Ghar and a jungle pool located along its seasonal nullah. Reni Pani Lodge boasts of very high quality naturalists offering Wildlife travellers from India and all over the world, top class Wildlife experience.

Guests can experience nature walks, bird watching and wide ranging other nature based activities right at the resort while they are not exploring reserve forests (Core and Buffer).

Reni Pani offers exclusive camping trips with mobile camps in Satpura reserve, something that no other lodge offers. Reni Pani also offers trips to Churna Gate and a stay in FRH in Churna gate. For bird watchers Reni Pani is able to offer exclusive birding trips to area around inside and outside reserve forest areas.

Reni Pani Lodge could be considered an exclusive destination for Wildlife travellers and can be combined with a stay in Pachmarhi for an ex-Pipariya for holiday travellers.

Typical Stay - 2 nights. Wildlife Photographers / Bird watchers may stay longer.


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