Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge - A Luxury Escape in the Wild

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(Nivalink Trip Dated - 14 February 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 14 February 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 14 February 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 14 February 2008)

Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge is all style and luxury with wildlife to wrap around the experience with. Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge is a popular honeymooner choice. It’s also a choice for occasions. A choice to pamper ones own self and celebrate in laps of nature.

Set on a stunning lakefront, there is more to Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge than wildlife. There is a traditional Ayurvedic Spa and Infinity Pool are designed to relax and rejuvenate. The other facilities include a board room and a bar.

Accommodation comprise
* Pool hut (with own swimming pool) that come with a large living and dining area, a palatial bedroom, bathroom with a courtyard.
* Jacuzzi hut having open air Jacuzzi. It offers large rooms with a sitout and a plunge pool.

There are two restaurants at Kabini. Honey Comb, named after the honey gathering Jenu (Honey) Kuruba tribe, lays out a platter of the cream of international and regional cuisine. A dinner by the lake could be romantic option. A specialty restaurant, the Kuruba Grill is dedicated to Kebabs and Grills overlooking the River Kabini.

The wildlife element is intact and supported with a set of naturalists that are dedicated to preservation of the area and understand all aspects of the jungle i.e. Birds, Wildlife and plants thoroughly and add to the guest experience.

Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge stands high up even if considered as a standalone getaway. However with Nagarhole Sanctuary backdrop, it makes for a compelling luxury escape experience.

Typical Stay Duration – 2 nights Seasonality: Oct- May


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