Mirvana Nature Resort - Oasis Experience

Experiential Stay | Getaway Retreat

Mirvana Nature Resort is an Oasis on the Jodhpur – Jaisalmer route. Mirvana is spread over 110 acres of an Amla Orchard, offer stay in comfortable tents crafted by hand using natural and local materials. Meals at Mirvana Nature Resort are mostly prepared from produce from its own organic farm. The dairy and poultry products served are farm fresh as well.
The guests can indulge into a number of activities like bird watching, interacting with the vibrant village folk, camel treks, village walks, dinner on the sand dunes, taking a tractor ride and even plucking your own fruits and vegetables during their stay.
Mirvana offers a getaway for those looking to stay away from touristy offerings of Jaisalmer and explore desert landscape around Mirvana.
Recommended Stay Duration – 2 nights


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