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(Nivalink Trip Dated - 1 December 2010)
Mardani Khel

Mango Huts is a farm offering a set of AC cottages set on a 6 acre Mango orchard at about 5 kms off Khopoli – Pali Road and about 110 kms from Mumbai / Pune. Mango Huts is excellent for a set of friends, families to arrive there for a nature centric getaway.

Mango Huts owners are ethnic cuisine enthusiasts and have been experimenting with Maharashtrian Cuisine at Mango Huts. They finally decided to unveil it to guests in June 2014 as part of a theme weekend. This theme weekend looks to redefine weekend travel experience for getaway seekers with a mix of ethnic cuisine from different regions of Maharashtra alongwith cultural evening with cultural performances from artists of various cultural art forms of Maharashtra.

June / July 2014 will have three different weekends of cuisine from Kolhapuri, Malvani and Bhusawal cuisine alongwith a cultural evening.

Kolhapuri Cuisine is famous for mutton curry as the dish is popularly called 'Matnacha rassa, served with a white gravy called Pandhra rassa (White gravy) which is made from bone stock. Apart from this red chilly mutton gravy, Kolhapuri Thecha (a popular spicy chutney item made from green chilly, onion, garlic, salt and other spices and Kolhapuri Misal a popular spicy breakfast dish are served and Pitla are served
Malvani, is a delight for ethnic cuisine and seafood enthusiasts. The cuisine is filled with rich aroma of fresh coconut and spices. Crabs, prawns, pomphrets are part of regular dishes served here. Vegetables served around are typically locally sourced and farm fresh. An authentic konkani beverage – ‘Sol Kadi’, accompanies all meals. It is a coconut based made with ‘kokum’ is a must have and considered a digestive drink after a hearty meal besides being very tasty.

Bhusawal Cuisine is famous for the Vangyachi Bhaji (white brinjals), along with daal baati toop (lentil dish served with ghee) or with peanut garlic chutney. Apart from this Ghugara Besan, Kewati Dal, Kairi Thecha, Yednya, Rice, Doodh Kadi, Mattha are served.

Performaces at Mango huts include Mardaani Khel (a form of Indian Martial Arts) and Gondhal (spiritual performances with songs and stories), Malvani traditional performing art called 'Dashavatar', where village folks (all men) dress up with elaborate costumes and depict a play featuring characters of both gender.

Offering from Mango Huts is poised to become a compelling option for experiential trave


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