Lakshman Sagar Resort – A Premium Heritage Getaway

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Lakshman Sagar heritage resort is a 19th century fort / hunting lodge spread across 32 acres and an experience oriented premium heritage getaway at 2 hours from Ajmer. It is strategically located in the centre of the tourist circuit in the Marwar and Mewar region of Rajasthan.
The resort offers 12 Shikar Ghars (Villas) of about 1200 sq.ft. each as villas for guests. Overall atmosphere is informal and there is no conventional dining area nor fixed menu system.
The resort offers a variety of activities such as nature walk, jeep safaris to Todgarh-Rawali wildlife sanctuary, horse safaris through the ‘Badlands of India’ etc.
Lakshman Sagar resort is one of the best heritage getaways around for exclusivity and experience.
Recommended Stay Duration – 2 nights


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