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(Nivalink Trip Dated - 31 January 2005)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 31 January 2005)

Kanha represents one of the best park experiences in India. Kanha is accessed from Bandhavgarh (260 kms) / Jabalpur (165 kms) /. Raipur (250 kms) / Nagpur (250 kms).

Kipling Camp has long been referred to as the ‘Little England”. It’s a kind of place made for visiting English guests to feel at home. Little rustic ambience, jungle backdrop and English management kind of has been features of the Kipling Camp over the years.

Kipling Camp is recommended for Europeans especially British and anyone who is looking for nature centric English experience.

Typical Stay
– 3 nights

  • Kipling Camp is recommended as Experiential Jungle Lodges in Kanha

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