Jungle Retreat Getaway

Getaway Resort | Nature Resort

Jungle Retreat Wayanad is an excellent escape for the wildlife lovers who wish to enjoy nature in complete privacy from your own comfortable villa or cottage set in the middle of the Jungle.

The Retreat is a 10-acre farm surrounded by lush jungle on all sides and towering Brahmagiri peaks beyond, it borders with Tholpetty Sanctuary to the East and Nagarahole National Park to the North, two of South India's largest Wildlife parks. Designed to blend unassumingly into the surrounding environment, the retreat boasts of a large meadow attracting a wide variety of birds and animals including the majestic Indian elephant, wild dogs and gaur.

Accommodation at Jungle Retreat Wayanad is authentically Indian and very private. Whether you choose to stay at The Villa or The Cottage.

Jungle Retreat Wayanad is meant for wildlifers and nature lovers who want to stay close to the Jungle, feel & experience the sights and sounds the Jungle. It is recommended for guests looking for a comprehensive nature centric experience and those looking for tranquility and privacy.

Recommended Stay : 3 nights.


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