Fateh Bagh Ranakpur– A Premium Heritage Getaway

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Fateh Bagh is probably India's first attempt at 'relocating a fallen palace', faithfully preserving the rich Rajput architecture. Rawla Koshilav that flourished as a palace on the foothills of Aravallis near Jodhpur in 1802 became a neglected piece of heritage in the 20th century. In 2002, around 65,000 pieces of the crumbling palace were transported to a scenic spot in Ranakpur.
Fateh Bagh today is the best accommodation in Ranakpur and a renowned heritage getaway.
There is much to occupy you with in the present: a swim at the pool, a walk into the orchards, a visit to the famous Jain and Surya temples, exploring Ranakpur, a town outwardly stranded in medieval times.
Fateh Bagh is a getaway to arrive to experience a sense of style and character for a getaway seeker, honeymooner or any traveler on a Rajasthan itinerary.
Recommended Stay Duration – 2 nights

  • Fateh Bagh is recommended as Popular getaway resorts within 80 kms of Udaipur

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