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(Nivalink Trip Dated - 24 April 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 24 April 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 24 April 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 24 April 2008)

Wild Mahseer Tea Planter Bungalows is set on 22 acres surrounded by tea plantation estates situated at Balipura near Tezpur.

Wild Mahseer is an award winning heritage experience that allows one to explore and experience tea plantations in Assam. Here one can experience the lifestyle of a Colonial tea planter, stay in a Heritage Bungalow and relax while exploring the area

The experiences / excursions on offer comprise

* Nameri National Park for Golden Mahaseer Angling & more than 150 varieties of Birds (including endangered white-winged wood ducks)
* Dolphin Watching – Spot playful fresh water dolphins
* Ethnic Village (handlooms, handicrafts, agriculture, local brews & cuisine)
* Hindu Temples (half day temple tour visiting tezpur temples) & Buddhist Monastery (Rangapara Monastery – 1 hour drive)
* Tea Time Elephant Trek - Contrasting experience of riding a hulking, rugged elephant to an elegant tea party
* Tea Plantation & Factory ( ½ day visit includes a drive through tea gardens and visiting tea factory)
* Experimental Organic Cultivation Station - Using the ancient wisdom of vrikshyurveda (meaning “ayurveda for the trees”), Wild Mahseer actively promotes organic cultivation and is a flourishing biodiversity hub
* Balipara Saturday Market - Balipara Saturday Market is a bustling, vibrant event with an incredible range of goods for sale from goats and cows to nit-combs
* Tezpur Town Shopping (homespun silks, bell metal utensils)
* Tea Tasting - Guests will be guided through the 3 steps required in determining the quality of tea. We have put together an array of unique blends of tea with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and extracts.
* Cooking Classes - Learn to cook your choice of North Indian, Assamese and Anglo-Indian dishes.
* Scenic Walks & Bicycle Rides - Taking a walk / cycle at dawn and seeing the sun rise on our neighbouring tea estate. Bicycle excursion through picturesque villages and farms.

Wild Mahaseer is a kind of place where one may spend an entire week here exploring and still not enough of it.

Typical Stay Duration: 3-4 nights

  • Wild Mahaseer is recommended as Offbeat and Experiential Plantation Bungalows in Assam

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