Dhariyawad Estate – Heritage Estate and Private Reserve experience

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Dhariyawad estate, located near Udaipur, is a heritage estate and home to India’s rare private reserves. Dhariyawad Estate belongs to the local Chieftain and is now open for guests to explore the private reserve and the surrounding areas of Sita Mata Jungle.

Dhariyawad offers few rooms in the heritage estate hunting lodge premises and access to the private reserve.


* Wildlife safaris during the day by foot and by jeep for evening safaris.
* Trained staff accompanies with guards while you walk through virgin forests.
* Walking safari followed by private formal set lunches are served inside the Jungle core.
* Evening safari is by jeep to view the IUCN red listed critically endangered Namdapha Indian Flying Squirrel (less than 100 are in existence), Panther, Jungle Cats, the rare Four-Horned Antelope, Jackal, and the rare White Jungle Fox etc.

Dhariyawad Estate is a private reserve forest and heritage estate experience for well heeled wildlife and bird watchers. Its also a getaway recommended for families and group of friends seeking a bit of wildlife adventure.

Recommended Stay Duration – 2 nights


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