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(Nivalink Trip Dated - 18 March 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 18 March 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 18 March 2008)
(Nivalink Trip Dated - 18 March 2008)

Castle Pachar (1433) is a laidback heritage getaway at Pachar, southern end of region of Shekhawati closer to Jaipur (2 hours). Castle Pachar is set amidst picturesque, calm and peaceful surroundings. The rooms have depiction of rich paintings, art and handicrafts. All the rooms are unique in their style; some have pillared divisions and have Jharokhas.

The Rang Mahal is the main attraction of the castle as it colourfully decorated with family portraits, paintings, arms and comfortable furniture. It is a three tier structure, the large hall, the elevated sit out and a further elevated portion that houses family temple.

Jeep safaris can be arranged to the Harsh Mountains, Jeen Mata ji temple or to Khatu Shyam ji. Castle Pachar is the nearest and best stay option for visiting Khatu Shyam ji temple.

Castle Pachar is a recommended for those looking for off-beat heritage getaways and is an excellent transit option for guests traveling North of Jodhpur / Nagaur towards Delhi.

  • Castle Pachar is recommended as Experiential Heritage Retreats on Ajmer - Shekhawati Route
  • Castle Pachar is recommended as Offbeat Traveller Hotels in and around Shekhavati

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