Camp Mystic River Getaway

Getaway Resort | Adventure Getaway

Camp Mystic River is an adventure camp situated near Mori and set on the Tons River (170 kms from Dehradun). Camp is set up during the period when Rishikesh Camps wind up temporarily (May-July) and offers rafting and a host of other adventure activities such as rappelling, hiking, river crossing, etc. 

Guests can opt for nature trails, hikes, day treks, overnight camping (High altitude meadows) and multi-day trekking. Camp Mystic River could be a base point for renowned trekking routes such as Har-ki-dun trek and Ruinsara Tal trek. 

There are ancient temples and over all area is good for relaxing and “do nothing”. Guests arrive here with a focus on adventure and a nature centric experience. Accommodation is simple and comprise of camping tents. 

Recommended Stay: 3 nights



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