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Do Dham - Yamunotri and Gangotri
(5 Nights)

Holiday Overview

Streams flowing around Harsil
Riverside at Harsil (Nivalink Trip Dated - 15 May 2013)
Himalayan Views from Harsil

Do Dham - Yamunotri and Gangotri is a pilgrim break that includes Yamunotri and Gangotri i.e. first half of the classic Chaar Dham Itinerary. Yamunotri (Origin of River Yamuna) and Gangotri (Origin of River Ganga) is not only rewarding from Pilgrimage perspective but also present excellent drives and views enroute.


Haridwar(1) - Barkot(1) - Uttarkashi(1) - Harsil(1) - Haridwar(1)

Summarised Itinerary

  • Day-1 Arrival at Haridwar. Evening Har Ki Pauri Darshan
  • Day-2 Haridwar - Barkot
  • Day-3 Barkot -Yamunotri - Uttarkashi
  • Day-4 Uttarkashi - Gangotri - Harsil
  • Day-5 Harsil - Haridwar
  • Day-6 Depature

Sightseeing Summary

Barkot - Yamunotri Temple (50.00 kms)

Haridwar - Har ki Pauri (2.00 kms)

Harsil - Suryakund Waterfalls (5.00 kms), Gangotri Temple (21.00 kms), Pandav Gufa (25.00 kms)

Preferred Arrival /Departure Destination

Arrival - Haridwar Departure - Haridwar

Popular Extensions to the Itinerary

Guest many extend a night or two to visit Rishikesh and enjoy Ganga riverside spirituality / Yoga / Meditation experience there.


  • Haridwar to Barkot -175 kms (6 hrs)
  • Barkot to Uttarkashi -71 kms (3 hrs)
  • Uttarkashi to Harsil -60 kms (2 hrs)
  • Harsil to Haridwar -228 kms (7.5 hrs)


Haridwar(1) - Barkot(1) - Uttarkashi(1) - Harsil(1) - Haridwar(1)

Detailed Itinerary

Day-1 Arrival at Haridwar. Evening Har Ki Pauri Darshan Arrival at Haridwar. Haridwar is a renowned Ganga riverside pilgrimage and a base point for Char Dham yatra. Evening Har Ki Pauri arti, considered one of the must visit spiritual experience

Day-2 Haridwar - Barkot Travel from Haridwar to Barkot via Uttarkashi (215 kms - 6-7 hours). Reach by afternoon. Barkot is base point to visit Yamunotri.

Day-3 Barkot -Yamunotri - Uttarkashi Leave for Hanuman Chatti (35 kms - 1.5 hours), after reaching here take a local jeep/taxi to reach Janakichatti (7 kms), from there start a rigorous trek of 5 kms one-way. After reaching Yamunotri take a holy achman (Holy Dip) in the hotwater Kund and this starts a sacred Chardham Yatra pilgrimage. Return to Janaki Chatti in the evening & proceed back to Uttarkashi (120 kms from Jankichatti).

Day-4 Uttarkashi - Gangotri - Harsil Leave early for Gangotri (9500 ft asl) via Harsil (7800 ft asl) (100 kms - 4 hrs). Once at Gangotri, go for the darshan in the main temple. Later visit the Suryakund waterfalls and the Pandav Gufa which is along the trail leading to Gaumukh. There is also a natural Shivling in the river here, which is visible in the winter months when the water level goes down. Towards evening head back towards Harsil.

Day-5 Harsil - Haridwar Travel from Harsil to Haridwar (290 kms - 8.5 hours). Reach by evening.

Day-6 Depature Depart from Haridwar

Detailed Sightseeing

Barkot: -
  • Yamunotri Temple - Yamunotri is the source of the Yamuna River which is one of the major rivers of India. Yamunotri temple is one of four the temples in the Char Dham pilgrimage circuit. Guests also visit Janki Chatti and Suryakund (Hot Springs) and Divya Shilla, a rock pillar as part of the pilgrimage.
Haridwar: -
  • Har ki Pauri - Hark Ki Pauri (also known as Brahmakund) is where evening Arti is conducted and the Arti is nothing short of a spiritual experience for even a non-hindu or a non-pilgrim. Its kind of a crowded area and gets even more crowded once every 12 years when Kumbh Mela is held here.
Harsil: -
  • Suryakund Waterfalls - Suryakund are a set of waterfalls that are visited enroute to Gangotri.
  • Gangotri Temple - Gangotri (9000+ ft asl) is one of the four pilgrimages part of the Char Dham circuit. Gangotri is where holy river emerges for the first time.
  • Pandav Gufa - The Pandav Gufa is a 1.5 km trek from Gangotri where it is believed that Pandavas meditated on their way to Kailash.

Destination Overview

Haridwar - Haridwar is situated on the banks of River Ganges (Ganga) and staying on the banks of the River and visiting various temples and Ghats is considered a spiritual experience.

Barkot - The junction point of Yamunotri and Har-Ki-Doon, Barkot is situated at an altitude of 5500+ ft asl. This is an important stopover on the Chaar Dham circuit.

Uttarkashi - Uttarkashi town enroute to Chaar Dhaam Pilgrimage which attract a lot of Hindu pilgrims (May-Oct). When rafting in Tons river is conducted here in May-June period. There are many trekking routes around and therefore regular on the Himalayan trekking and adventure circuit.

Harsil - Harsil (7500+ ft asl) is a riverside hamlet, 26 kms short of Gangotri and stopover on the char Dham route. Harsil offers exceptional beauty being surrounded by Himalayan peaks, Green Valleys and Meadows with blooming crops


Prefered Arrival : No ImageHaridwar
Prefered Departure : No ImageDehradun (53kms), Chandigarh (210kms), Pantnagar (215kms)No ImageHaridwar


  • Haridwar to Barkot -175 kms (6 hrs)
  • Barkot to Uttarkashi -71 kms (3 hrs)
  • Uttarkashi to Harsil -60 kms (2 hrs)
  • Harsil to Haridwar -228 kms (7.5 hrs)

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  • Haridwar to Barkot -175 kms (6 hrs)
  • Barkot to Uttarkashi -71 kms (3 hrs)
  • Uttarkashi to Harsil -60 kms (2 hrs)
  • Harsil to Haridwar -228 kms (7.5 hrs)

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