Lucknow - Dudhwa Short Break(4 Nights)

Lucknow, Dudhwa, Lucknow

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Holiday Overview

Barasingha at Dudhwa
Bara Imambara
Chota Imambara
Tomb of Saadat Ali Khan
Parliament House

This is an itinerary that combines heritage getaway of Lucknow with Wildlife getaway of Dudhwa National Park.


Lucknow(2) - Dudhwa(2)

Summarised Itinerary
  • Day-1 Arrival at Lucknow. Visits to Bara Imambara and Chhota Imambara.
  • Day-2 Local sightseeing. Shopping in the evening.
  • Day-3 Proceed to Dudhwa National Park. Evening Safari
  • Day-4 Morning and Evening Safari.
  • Day-5 Departure
Sightseeing Summary

Dudhwa - Wildlife and Birdwatching in Dudhwa (1.00 kms)

Lucknow - Moti Mahal Lucknow (1.00 kms), Shah Najaf Imambara (1.80 kms), Chhattar Manzil (2.00 kms), Dilkusha Garden (2.00 kms), La Martiniere (3.00 kms), Ram Krishna Mission Math (4.00 kms), Chota Imambara (5.00 kms), Bara Imambara (5.50 kms)

Preferred Arrival /Departure Destination
Arrival - Lucknow Departure - Lucknow
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Popular Extensions to the Itinerary

Additional night in Dudhwa is recommended for well heeled Bird watcher / Wildlife enthusiast.

  • Lucknow to Dudhwa -222 kms (6 hrs)
  • Dudhwa to Lucknow -222 kms (6 hrs)

Lucknow(2) - Dudhwa(2) - Lucknow

Detailed Itinerary

Day-1 Arrival at Lucknow. Visits to Bara Imambara and Chhota Imambara. Arrival at Lucknow. Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and city with a royal heritage and sporting a heritage character. Vist renowned monuments such as Bara Imambara, Chhota Imambara.

Day-2 Local sightseeing. Shopping in the evening. Local sightseeing to visit monuments such as like Dilkusha Garden, Shah Najaf, La Martiniere, Ram Krishan Math, Moti Mahal, Chattra Manzil. Visit old city in the evening for shopping and ethnic cuisine.

Day-3 Proceed to Dudhwa National Park. Evening Safari Proceed to Dudhwa (226 kms - 6 hrs). Dudhwa National Park bordering Nepal is a Wildlife getaway offering quiet and exclusive wildife experience. The park has good population of swamp deer , tigers, Elephant, One horned asian rhinoceros, Leopard, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Sambar, Jackal, Wild boar along with about 90 species of fishes and raptiles like Mugger crocodile, Gharial, Python, Cobra and Monitor Lizards. Dudhwa Park is one of the preferred areas for bird watching. Ducks, goose, hornbills, barbets, cormorants, bulbuls, teal, woodpeckers, bee eaters, kingfishers, owls, cranes, etc are common birds found in the park. Evening Safari in the Park.

Day-4 Morning and Evening Safari. Morning and Evening Safari in Dudhwa National Park.

Day-5 Departure Return to Lucknow (225 kms) for onward journey.

Detailed Sightseeing

Dudhwa :

  • Wildlife and Birdwatching in Dudhwa - Dudhwa Tiger Reserve comprises of two core areas - Dudhwa National Park and the Kishanpur Wildlife sanctuary. It is a protected forest area spread over 883 square km. and is a part of the Project Tiger initiative. 400+ bird species and more than 90 species of fishes and raptiles are found around the area.

Lucknow :

  • Moti Mahal Lucknow - Moti Mahal in Lucknow, also known as Pearl Palace (build in late 18th and early 19th Century) is situated on the banks of Gomti River, Moti Mahal was used by the royal family for bird watching and animal combats held on the other side of the river. Riight now the building is being used by Govt department for its offices and lawns used for holding Govt. functions.

  • Shah Najaf Imambara - Shah Najaf Imambara is the tomb of Nawab Ghazi-ud-din Haidar (1827), and three of his wives, including one known as Mubarak Mahal

  • Chhattar Manzil - The Chattar Manzil or Umbrella Palace was constructed in 18th and 19th Century at Lucknow. The palace now houses the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) and therefore can be looked from outside..

  • Dilkusha Garden - Dilkusha Kothi is the remains of an eighteenth-century house built in the English baroque style in the quiet Dilkusha area of Lucknow. Today few towers and external walls as a monument alongwith gardens around remain. The house extensively was shelled during Lucknow siege in 1857 revolt and therefore has a special place in the history of Indian independence.

  • La Martiniere - La Martiniere Boys College (18040) in Lucknow is the finest French architecture in India made by General Claude Martin. It is one of a kind institution that has stood test of time and even today remains one of the premier institutes. The facade and overall feel of the place is imposing and must visit for any heritage traveller.

  • Ram Krishna Mission Math - The Ramkrishna Math is a major intitute engaged in the expansion of cultural, religious and spiritual activities in and around Lucknow. The temple here is one that is worth a visit.

  • Chota Imambara - Chhota Imambara is an imposing monument located in Lucknow, built by Muhammad Ali Shah, The third Nawab of Avadh in 1838.

  • Bara Imambara - The Bara Imambara was built in the year 1784 by the fourth Nawab of Awadh known as Asaf-ud-Daula. The Bara Imambara is among the grandest buildings of Lucknow and must visit for a heritage traveller.

Destination Overview

Lucknow - Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is popularly called the city of Nawabs and Kababs. The city has a rich cultural heritage and therefore of interest to travelers all over for its culture and cuisine.

Dudhwa - Dudhwa National Park lies on the edge of the Indo-Nepal border and is excellent for Bird watching and an overall wildlife experience.

Prefered Arrival : No ImageLucknowNo ImageLucknow
Prefered Departure : No ImageLucknowNo ImageLucknow
  • Lucknow to Dudhwa -222 kms (6 hrs)
  • Dudhwa to Lucknow -222 kms (6 hrs)

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  • Lucknow to Dudhwa -222 kms (6 hrs)
  • Dudhwa to Lucknow -222 kms (6 hrs)

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