Thanedar - Sohja Walking Itinerary(6 Nights)

Chandigarh, Thanedar, Shoja, Chandigarh

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Holiday Overview

Shoja Views
Tani Jubbar Lake (Nivalink Trip Dated - 10 June 2009)
Views from around Thanedar (Nivalink Trip Dated - 10 June 2009)

Thanedar - Sohja Walking Itinerary is recommended for guests looking to do a bit of walking / trekking and go away from touristy areas and be with nature. Thanedar (7500+ ft asl), and Shoja (8500+ ft asl) are two completely off-beat destinations and part of the Himalayan Golden Triangle (as promoted by Banjara Retreats).


Thanedar(3) - Shoja(3)

Summarised Itinerary
  • Day-1 Arrival at Chandigarh. Proceed to Thanedar
  • Day-2 Walks around Thanedar
  • Day-3 Hatu Peak Trek
  • Day-4 Thanedar - Shoja
  • Day-5 Walking around Shoja
  • Day-6 Walking around Shoja
  • Day-7 Shoja - Chandigarh
Sightseeing Summary

Shoja - Waterfall Point (1.00 kms), Serolsar Lake (6.00 kms), Raghupur Fort (6.00 kms)

Thanedar - Walk to Church (1.00 kms), Walk to Tani Jubbar Lake (1.00 kms), Walk to Parmjyotir Temple (1.00 kms), Saroga Forest Walk (2.00 kms), Hatu Peak Trek (5.00 kms)

Preferred Arrival /Departure Destination
Arrival - Chandigarh Departure - Chandigarh
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Popular Extensions to the Itinerary

An additional night in Shoja and guests can do an overnight trek where one can cross over to other side of the Jalori Pass.

  • Chandigarh to Thanedar -198 kms (5.5 hrs)
  • Thanedar to Shoja -95 kms (3.5 hrs)
  • Shoja to Chandigarh -262 kms (7.5 hrs)

Chandigarh - Thanedar(3) - Shoja(3) - Chandigarh

Detailed Itinerary

Day-1 Arrival at Chandigarh. Proceed to Thanedar Arrive at Chandigarh and proceed to Thanedar (7500+ ft asl - 190 kms - 6 hours)

Day-2 Walks around Thanedar Explore walks around Thanedar such as Saroga Forest Walk (8 kms), Tani - Jubbar Lake (6 kms), St.Mary's Church (4 kms, Built in 1843) and Parmjyotir Temple (1 km).

Day-3 Hatu Peak Trek Trek to Hattu Peak - 15 Kms away, at 11,000 ft. From the base it takes about 3 hours to the top. The peak has a temple and it offers a panoramic view of the snowline.

Day-4 Thanedar - Shoja Proceed to Shoja (8500 ft asl, 100 kms - 3.5 hrs) via Jalori pass.

Day-5 Walking around Shoja  Explore walks around the area. Start with Waterfall point (2 hour walk) in the morning and Raghupur Fort trek (6 kms - half day) in the afternoon.

Day-6 Walking around Shoja Walk to Serolsar Lake (5 kms - half day) through thick forests. Bird watching around the area in the evening.

Day-7 Shoja - Chandigarh Proceed to Chandigarh (260 kms - 7 hours) for departure

Detailed Sightseeing

Shoja :

  • Waterfall Point - Waterfall Point is nature at a distance of approximately one kilometre walk from Shoja

  • Serolsar Lake - Serolsar Lake is a beautiful lake, situated at a distance of around 5 km from the Jalori pass in Shoja. This lake is approachable via a walk from Shoja.

  • Raghupur Fort - Raghupur Fort was built at 11000 ft asl and has a small pond within its premises. Raghupur Fort is approached via a trek from Shoja.

Thanedar :

  • Walk to Church - A Walk all the way down to the valley (4 kms) to a Church built in 1843. This church at Kotgarh is one of the oldest churches in India.

  • Walk to Tani Jubbar Lake - More of a large pond. A local picnic spot. Famous for Nag Devta temple built along the lake.

  • Walk to Parmjyotir Temple - Built in the Pahari style, the temple is 1 Km away from Thanedar. Good for evening leisurely stroll.

  • Saroga Forest Walk - This is a good two hour evening walk exploring the forest around the area (Upto 8 kms).

  • Hatu Peak Trek - Hatu Peak (11000 ft asl) is the highest peak in the area. Trekking all the way upto the peak can be an interesting half day trek upto 8 kms oneway. There are several routes that take you to the peak and one can choose them based on level of difficulty preferred.

Destination Overview

Chandigarh - Chandigarh is a major business centre and hub for Software, IT and ITES companies. Chandigarh is a tourist destination being a transit point for guests on Delhi - Manali route and an access point to visit neighboring hills of Himachal Pradesh and hill station of Shimla.

Thanedar - Thanedar, an apple orchard growing area at a height of 7,250 ft and 80 km from Shimla and 18 kms from Narkanda off the NH-22.

Shoja - Shoja (or called Sohja or Sojha) is a Himalayan hamlet (8500 ft asl) 5 kms short of Jalori Pass. The area is blessed with exceptional Himalayan beauty and is excellent for walks, treks, bird watching and a nature centric experience.

Prefered Arrival : No ImageChandigarhNo ImageChandigarh
Prefered Departure : No ImageChandigarhNo ImageChandigarh
  • Chandigarh to Thanedar -198 kms (5.5 hrs)
  • Thanedar to Shoja -95 kms (3.5 hrs)
  • Shoja to Chandigarh -262 kms (7.5 hrs)

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Travel Ideas incorporated in the itinerary

Walking in Thanedar

Thanedar is an Orchard retreat at 7000+ft asl at 80 kms from Shimla (18 kms Off Hindustan Tibet more

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  • Chandigarh to Thanedar -198 kms (5.5 hrs)
  • Thanedar to Shoja -95 kms (3.5 hrs)
  • Shoja to Chandigarh -262 kms (7.5 hrs)

Expert Speak

Thanedar - Sohja Walking Itinerary is recommended for guests looking for walks and a complete off-beat nature centric experience. If one excludes the walking part, this can also double up as excellent "do nothing" itinerary where guest can read a book, do some leisurely walks and simple destress.

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