Goa Temple Darshan Getaway(2 Nights)

Dabolim, Panjim, Dabolim

for Senior Citizens, Pilgrim Traveller

Holiday Overview

Goa Temple Darshan allows Pilgrim travellers to visit significant ancient Hindu temples in North and South Goa and while doing so experience Goan countryside.



Summarised Itinerary
  • Day-1 Arrive at Panjim. Visit North Goa Temples around Panjim
  • Day-2 Visit Temples in and around South Goa
  • Day-3 Departure
Sightseeing Summary

Panjim - Mangeshi Temple (22.00 kms), Nagueshi Temple Ponda (22.00 kms), Mahalasa Marayani Temple Mardol (24.00 kms), Gopal Ganesh Temple (26.00 kms), Shanta Durga Temple (33.00 kms), Mahalaxmi Temple Ponda (33.00 kms)

Preferred Arrival /Departure Destination
Arrival - Dabolim Departure - Dabolim
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Popular Extensions to the Itinerary

Guests may look to extend pilgrimage by visiting temples in Coastal Karnataka. Guests also can spend additional day in Panjim visiting significant Bhagvati Temples around the area.

  • Dabolim to Panjim -31 kms (1 hrs)
  • Panjim to Dabolim -31 kms (1 hrs)

Dabolim - Panjim(2) - Dabolim

Detailed Itinerary

Day-1 Arrive at Panjim. Visit North Goa Temples around Panjim Arrive at Panjim. Panjim is capital of Goa and base point to visit Significant Ancient Hindu temples of North Goa. Visit North Goa Temples around Panjim. Temples are steeped in traditions of Goa and typically have a countryside backdrop and are spread around entire North Goa (Panjim, Mapusa etc.). There are more than two dozen temples spread across North Goa that are significant. Depending on time on hand guests can visit as many. Some of the well visited temples are Mangeshi Temple, Mahalakshmi temple and Gopal Ganesh Temple.

Day-2 Visit Temples in and around South Goa Much like North Goa, South Goa is also filled with Temples and Churches having countryside backdrop. They are spread all over South Goa (Madgaon, Curtorim, Cancona etc). South Goa is less populated and temples have a remote location feel. Some of the well visited temples of Ponda (16 kms from Madgaon) Shri Mangesh Temple, Mahalasa Narayani Temple, Shri Shantadurga Temple, Nagesh Temple. Mahalakshmi Temple

Day-3 Departure Depart for onward Journey.

Detailed Sightseeing

Panjim :

  • Mangeshi Temple - Shri Mangeshi temple is a popularly visited ancient Lord Shiva temple in North Goa. The 400-year-old Shri Mangesh temple is visited for its authentic character and simplicity of the architecture.

  • Nagueshi Temple Ponda - Nagueshi Temple is an ancient Lord Shiva temple (15th Century) near Mangeshi temple. Nagesh temple (as its also commonly referred) is visited all round the year by Pilgrims and tourists to Goa.

  • Mahalasa Marayani Temple Mardol - Mahalasa is the Kuldevi (family goddess) of many Goan native Brahmins and Kashatriyas. Mahalasa is considered as the Mohini form of Lord Vishnu and hence she is referred to as "Mahalasa Narayani". The deity, it may particularly be noted, also wears the holy thread

  • Gopal Ganesh Temple - Gopal Ganesh temple is situated surrounded by Greenery at Farmagudi near Ponda at about 26 kms from Panjim.

  • Shanta Durga Temple - Shantadurga Temple is a large temple complex 33 km from Panjim near Ponda. The temple is dedicated to Shantadurga is the form of the Goddess Durga, commonly worshipped in Goa. Shantadurga Temple is the most popular temple in Goa.

  • Mahalaxmi Temple Ponda - Shri Mahalaxmi Temple is a popular Devi Temple situated 4 kms from Ponda at 300 meters from Nagesh Temple.

Destination Overview

Dabolim - Dabolim lies on nothern tip of South Goa near Vasco and home to only Airport in Goa.

Panjim - Panjim is the state capital of Goa and known for its promenades, heritage walks, clean streets, lots of restaurants and few beaches around it.

Prefered Arrival : No ImageDabolim
Prefered Departure : No ImageDabolimNo ImageVasco da Gama(8kms), Karmali(24kms), Madgaon(25kms)
  • Dabolim to Panjim -31 kms (1 hrs)
  • Panjim to Dabolim -31 kms (1 hrs)

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  • Dabolim to Panjim -31 kms (1 hrs)
  • Panjim to Dabolim -31 kms (1 hrs)

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Goa may be known for its beaches and luxury resorts, however for a pilgrim traveller, temples in Goa and its traditional character will present a refreshing experience.

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