Sodal Mela

Festival | Religious Festival

Baba Sodal Mela attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over. Baba Sodal Fair is centered on the Samadhi of the Baba, a child deity.

His painted portrait is decorated and placed alongside the tomb. There is a holy tank nearby the Samadhi, which is called the 'Baba Sodal da Sarovar’. Pilgrims sprinkle the holy water or take a dip before making offerings to the Baba’s samadhi.

Legend has it that Sodal, a member of the Chadha clan of Khatri caste, who resided in the city of Jalandhar, sacrificed his life by drowning himself in the pond. The people of Jalandhar believe that the child was blessed with divine powers and celebrate his death anniversary every year.

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Also Known As
Baba Sodal Mela

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