Roshni Mela

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Annual Urs Mubarik (Anniversary) is celebrated at Jagraon Shareef, Ludhiana on 13th of the month of Phagan and stays for about a week,which is known as “Roshni ka Mela” or “Jagrawan di Roshni”. People of all sects and religions come from all over India to pay their respects  and receive blessings (Faiz) from a Great Wali of his time.
The Raja(Ruler) of Gawalior came to pay his respect to Baba Sahib and requested to pray for a son Because he did not have any Heir to take over his kingdom  after he dies. Baba Sahib prayed for him and gave Maharaja the good news that soon Almighty Allah will bless him with a son, who will become The Ruler of Gawalior after him. The Lord listen to his prayers and after a short while a Prince was born in the Palace of Gawalior. The Maharaja came to Jagraon Sharif to thank Baba Sahib and get blessings from him. The Maharaja built a great Khanqah and lot of guest rooms for the visitors.Baba Sahib was buried in the same Khanqah when he died in 1913 A.D. The top of the Tomb of the Mazar (Shrine) was made of pure gold.

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Also Known As
Roshni Fair

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