Pongal in Pondicherry

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Pongal is the harvest, earth and sun festival. It’s celebrated with fanfare and gusto in parts of Pondicherry.
Spread over four days, each day has a distinct significance related to cleaning, preparation of traditional dishes, dressing up and meeting friends and relatives.

Festival Schedule:

Day 1: Pongal Eve (Bogi): It comprises of house cleaning and decorating with intricate designs and burning old clothes, mats and the like.

Day 2: Pongal : Preparation of ritual pongal dish cooked in new pots and prayer for sun god.

Day 3: Mattu Pongal (Cow/Ox Festival): Cows and Ox are washed, adorned with ornaments and their horns are painted and are fed pongal. Cattle races are held on this day.

Day 4: Farmer’s Day : People dress up and visit their neighbours and friends and relatives houses.

It is treated as local festival of the town but it is a good experience from tourist point of view.

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